Finding the right balance between SEO, Business Directories, Social Medias and AdWords 1

Successful online marketing begins with a good website and SEO. AdWords can be fantastic but you have to be willing to invest the necessary time to learn, track your results and adapt. Spending all your marketing money in AdWords and YellowPages, for instance, might cost you a lot without return on your investment.

Finding the right balance is crucial for a successful online marketing campaign. In general, the overall strategy should cover those steps:

1. Have a professional, good looking and SEO-friendly website.

Paying advertising money to bring potential customers to your website is useless if your website doesn’t sell. First impression is important, make sure your site looks professional. Make sure people will understand right away what products or services you are providing and that they can easily find the information they are looking for.

2. Work on your SEO (or get a professional to do it)

Most of SEO performance comes from the website. Make sure it is well built and complies with Google’s policies. Know what your business is about, know who you customers are and how they are looking for you. Identify your keywords and make sure they are emphasized on your website. But keep it natural, don’t overuse keywords otherwise this could negatively affect your SEO ranking.

Then boost your SEO performance by having trusted and reputable websites linking to yours. Websites like It’s important to know which websites and directories will show their links to search engines. This is how Google will know, for instance, that points to your website and, simply put, increases your website’s popularity and reputation, which positively affects your score and ranking. Be careful, however, to be listed only on pertinent websites. Having multiple non-relevant websites linking to yours could have negative effects on your SEO.

There are two types of listings on, Free Basic Listings and enhanced Featured Listings. Major search engines will only see Featured Listings’ websites. By upgrading your company listing and featuring it on HVAC Connect, not only do you increase your direct visibility to potential customer, but you’re also helping your SEO performance. Considering that you get both benefits for a yearly cost that should be covered by just one extra lead, one can only agree that this is great return on investment.

There’s a lot more to consider with SEO and it is very important to invest the necessary time to learn about it… or hire a talented professional or consulting company.

3. Social Medias

Social Medias (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.) are another free and powerful online marketing platform. However, to be successful, it is imperative to:

– Select the social medias that are appropriate for your type of business

– Invest the necessary time to learn about their functionality and properly setup your company page

– Also invest the time to expand your network

– Post regularly, but only write pertinent information. Your customers don’t want to know that you’re depressed because of the rain Today. Your friends might be interested, but you should have your private social media profiles for that. Mixing both the personal and professional profiles generally is a bad idea.

– Market your social medias: add links to your website, get people to like or follow and share your pages, keep expanding your network.

4. Free and Almost Free Online Marketing

Every now and then, if possible once a month, take a few minutes, up to an hour, to look at what’s out there on the web. Is there a new business directory or blog that you didn’t know about? Is your company there? A lot of them are free and can really help your business. And on new websites, the cost of marketing is generally lower. Having your business featured now on HVAC Connect for the whole year might cost you a lot less than it would a few months from now. As a website grows in popularity, so does the cost of advertising on it. You can get great deals by finding out early about new online marketing tools.

Improve Your Business Rating
Also make sure to use each available tool to its full potential. Taking a few extra minutes to explore what’s available can often pay off more. A great example is the Business Ratings and Reviews system on HVAC Connect. Getting your satisfied customers to rate your company on HVAC Connect doesn’t cost you anything and can boost your company’s visibility and notoriety… and therefore your sales and profits. Very little time is required to add a link to your website or email. HVAC Connect provides you with an easy way to increase your ratings, learn more about it in this article.

5. Google AdWords and Banner Advertising

Once you have a performant website with good SEO results, an established presence and regular activity on social medias, your business listed on reference sites and optimized the use of all free marketing tools at your disposal, you might already be overwhelmed with new business! Yet if you feel like you can take more, then you might want to consider more expansive advertising.

Google AdWords is one of the most popular advertising platforms. Like SEO and Social Medias, it is important to invest time in learning about AdWords, thinking about your strategy, track your results and adapt to improve. Google AdWords can offer great ROI but it can also become a vortex sucking away your money. Pay Per Click doesn’t mean Pay Per Extra Profits. You have to make sure that the right people click on your ads and that your website (and sales department) can convert those clicks into sales.

Banner Advertising is another great marketing tool if properly used. Pick appropriate websites, websites visited by your potential customers. If you’re an HVAC contractor, for instance, you know that potential customers might look for an HVAC contractor close to their location on HVAC Connect. So if you’re going to purchase a banner spot, you would rather advertise in that section. If you are a Plumbing or HVAC manufacturer, you want everyone – end users, contractors, distributors, engineers – to see your ad. You’d be better be advertising on the whole site, either at the top or in the sidebar. HVAC Connect offers various banner location options. To learn more, visit the HVAC Connect advertising page.

In conclusion, Good Website + SEO + Social Medias + Business Directories + AdWords can be a very powerful strategy if well implemented and followed continuously. Spending money on AdWords alone could cost you a lot without great return on investment.

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